Logik reacting to Reive’s latest new plan


DJ Logik has worked with Vancouver’s club scene since the early 90’s. Over the years he’s DJ’ed at Celebrities, Graceland, Atlantis, Shine, Club 23, The Purple Onion, The Twilight Zone, Blu, Sonar, and many more, as well as hosting a large number of underground and alternative events. He’s also been part of the production crew behind a number of Vancouver’s most popular adult and kink events such as Rebar, Blak n’ Blu, Purgatory, Cirque de Sade, and Savage, as well as worked with and contributed to others. He likes his people the way he likes his music, Dirty, Sexy and Dark.

Reive is well known on the local kink scene, having been a founder of BIO’s Vancouver Dungeon (now run by Metro Vancouver Kink), The Conference of Kink, Halloween Ghost Ship and the fetish nights Cirque de Sade and Savage. Reive was also the first dungeon monitor for the Sin City Fetish Night Dungeon, and oversaw it through its first two years.
With over 20 years of experience in kink, he’s presented numerous seminars on BDSM and sexuality, spoken on kink at SFU, UBC and Douglas College, and has been featured in articles in The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and Whiplash Magazine amongst others. He has been a source for several documentary and news producers, and was very thankful to end up on the cutting room floor for the series Kink. Reive has worked as an SM technical advisor, most recently on Smallville, and in the past for The L Word, and the unreleased short film Bondage.

Most importantly these two know how to throw a kick ass party — so long as they don’t kill each other along the way!




Logik (NOIR resident)

Kim Profile

Logik describes his style as “focussing on electro-house” but that only begins to cover it. If he thinks it will get the dance floor bumpin’ and grindin’ he plays it! The occasional violet wand scene in the dungeon? Logik plays there too!


DJ Logik does it all at NOIR – hosting the night along with Reive, graphic design, hosting the website, and of course keeping the dance floor hopping as NOIR‘s original resident!



dj://spaz (NOIR resident)

spaz skulldj://spaz sets play like seamless, long-form mashups between hard-hitting electrohouse, bubblegum pop and heavy moombahcore, with the odd diversion into 90’s dance, hip-hop, trap, and dubstep flavours.


dj://spaz has been an instrumentalist all his life, picking up one instrument after another ever since first learning the piano at age 5. He tries to bring that sense of musicianship to the decks, incorporating key and modulation, rhythm and counterpoint into every mix. He loves playing for Vancouver’s kinksters and says their energy and joie de vivre always inspire him to work harder, play harder, and have more fun.

You’ll can give his mixes a listen here on Soundcloud.


Tango Chapel JanuaryDJ Tango

DJ Tango’s breaks/electro sound has been described as “just the right amount of dirty with just the right amount of funky”. All that and a bit of bass glitch for good measure.


 DJ Tango’s lifelong interest in music really ramped up when he became a vinyl DJ in 2001. His musical tastes range from bluegrass to jazz to trip hop to psy-trance. The seeds of his DJ sensibilities were sown in 90s dance music. They developed and grew through the following years in the Vancouver underground scene and are currently blossoming under the influence of cutting-edge producers of breaks/electro/bass music.

Based in Vancouver, DJ Tango is a fixture in the local Burning Man community. He has also played in Australia and at Burning Man.

DJ Tango LOVES playing Noir events. All of the beautiful, creative, and sex.y people make DJing at these events incredibly gratifying.


Applecat avatarApplecat (Victoria) – Erotica Electronica

Applecat playing mixed tempo sets bending the perception of “genre” and blending sweet melody, dirty deep bass with a little je ne sais quoi.”


AppleCat was raised in Vancouver BC and now resides in Victoria. Music since the day she was born was her #1 passion verging on and becoming a fetish that every other endeavour always led back to.

With a diverse musical background she prefers everything from Old School Punk rock to classical era composures, from 90’s alternative to 40’s jazz, from Indian/Balkan to That deep kind of bass that penetrates you from the back of your eye sockets to deep in your solar plexus.

You can give Applecat a listen here on Soundcloud.


Kaine 2Kaine Delay is an electronic musician and vocalist based out of Vancouver Canada. He is most known for his role as singer of LEFT SPINE DOWN, as well as his various appearances in nightclubs and social events as a DJ in Vancouver, including Sanctuary, Sin City & Fetish Night X. He is also known for having founded all ages nights Gateway and Resurrection in the early 2000’s.

While his sets diversify from gig to gig, Kaine can be heard at NOIR spinning the latest and greatest in dirty house, electro, industrial, and synthpop.



DJ AerionAerion has opened up for the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, The Beastie Boys, Bjork, Pantera and Deli to Dublin to name a few.

She has shared the stage with Self Evident, Daega Sound, Taalmala, Michael Red, Ronin, Marlin, Soma Sound System (Shamanoid), Cannabinoid, Sikuta, DJ Down, Siddhartha, Blondtron, Mazeguider, Sobi, Beats with out Borders, Funk Hunters and countless others.

Years of DJing/VJing and involvement in festivals such as Shambhala, Diversity, Bonfire, Under the Volcano, Vibe, etc…. and decades of underground parties have lead her sound to evolved into an eclectic mash up of any and all electronic genders… woven to suit the subtleties of the moment with loving care and passion.




Pic by luke.me.up (used with permission)


BTox(ic) likes to stick to house, it could be electro ( sans dubstep influence ), tech, or progressive… but it will be funky. He does like to branch out now and then, and has found quite a few things under the Techno umbrella to be quite satisfying. If it doesn’t move his feet at his computer, how could he ever expect it to move anyone else….?


Being the shy kid in school never prepared BTox(ic)for being the person standing on a stage entertaining a dozen, to hundreds of people….. He just used to like to collect music that nobody listened to regularly, and then he started playing it, and making CD’s for people….. most liked it.

That ended up with him learning to DJ and playing house parties, that lead to playing in Seattle, at clubs, fund rasiers, weddings, and Burning Man events, then art cars and large sound stages, and then again to playing in other major cities in Canada, and at overseas events…well an oversea event; Kiwiburn ( NZ regional BM event). He’s been offered radio time from London to Vancouver, but he’s never been able to time it right.

In the mean time he likes to get mixes out for download and play wherever he thinks people will enjoy a good beat. All of them are available, free, off his website:www.btoxic.com


Boom HumanBoom Human

Boom Human is a spinner and producer of eclectic glitchy tracks, original remixes, mashups and other sexy, wiggly sonic oddities. Plays the unusual Chapman Stick instrument live.


Not content to just “press play” on tracks, Boom Human accompanies the glitch, broken beats and other novel electronic music he arranges, remixes and plays using the 10-stringed Chapman Stick – which he uses to play synth bass and other sounds live.

Boom Human has performed across North America at clubs and events in Ontario, British Columbia and California. He played three shows at Burning Man in 2013 and played official post-Burning Man decompression parties in Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto in 2013. He has shared the stage with acts such as Buddha Bass, Kaminanda and Desert Dwellers.

You’ll find Boom Human pictures and mixes on Facebook, and more mixes on SoundCloud.


Jeremy InkelDJ Jeremy Inkel (from Front Line Assembly / Left Spine Down)

Jeremy Inkels style includes Darkhouse, electro, EDM and industrial.