Here’s what people are saying about NOIR at Chapel Arts:


“I had the most amazing NYE and one of the best nights out I’ve ever had. Thanks so much to the whole team and all the sexy people who made the night so incredible.”
~ Razzy Wood


“What an awesome party last night at Noir’s Kinky Pride Party. I saw lots of friends and met a bunch of new ones. Noir holds the best fetish parties in the city with the dungeon front and center. It was awesome seeing so many people playing on the equipment, can’t wait till the next Ball…. Thanks again Reive, Kim,Ange, and all the people that helps to make this the best. ”
Nick Black  of Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment


“Sexy sexy times. It really did feel like a big naughty house party. Great first night!”


NOIR‘s grand opening party at Chapel Arts was Vancouver’s best fetish event in years!”


“NOIR and Chapel Arts go together like latex and lube! I’m thrilled that this venue and this event hooked up. There are multiple spaces and dance floors that provide different vibes for everyone to enjoy. Hot people and pulsing energy push together for a great big sexy time!
Everyone I know who attended NOIR’s first party at Chapel Arts are still raving about it and ready for the next one! If you haven’t checked it out, I cannot recommend it enough!”
Dave Toxik


“Fabulous location! It’s great to have places where you can go to have real conversations without shouting over music!”
White Knight


“Great work, NOIR team! Super sexy party – everything a fetish party should be!”


“I wanted to personally message you to thank you and your crew for facilitating one of the most amazing nights I’ve ever had. I feel alive again, have a renewed sense of being. Thank you! and I look forward to attending and participating in further nights of NOIR.”


“What an incredible night!!! This venue is amazing! Can’t wait to do it all over again.”
~  Sunny


NOIR last night was one of the top parties I’ve ever been to!! It felt like one of those nights when everything just clicked, the venue was awesome with lots of different spaces to hang out in, the music was solid and I loved that there was lots of well selected electronic music being played, plus it was packed with hot people in awesome outfits so what more could you ask for? I just wish I got there a bit earlier to dodge the line up but now I know for next time and am really looking forward to arriving much earlier for the next party there!!”


“What a fantastic night! Absolutely LOVE the new venue. Looking forward to more amazing times there in the future!”


And here’s what they’ve said about our past events:


“I had the best time on Sat night! The vibe was super sassy, the people were stunningly sexy, and everyone seemed to be having just a fabulous time! Thanks to all of you for dressing up and struttin’ your stuff!”
~ Squishelle


“Fantastic times and now top of my list for monthly events! Keep up the great work!”
Dave Toxik


“Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating Noir. Everything about last night was perfect. I haven’t had so much fun at a fetish event in years. Can’t wait for the next one! xo”

“This is my favorite event to go out to these days. Not just fetish, my favorite of any event.”
The Letter Z

“Sometimes it is a little hard to see past all of the show and spectacle to find down-to-earth kink and fetish players. Club nights can be full of gawkers who wouldn’t know that a paddle doesn’t always propel your canoe. So a couple of enterprising guys from the Vancouver scene set out to start a back-to-basic fetish night. The result is the wildly popular NOIR Fetish Ball, happening every third Saturday of the month at The Cobalt.”
Editor, Sex Life Canada  (Read the full interview here)

“We both had a great time and connected with a lot of old friends and made new ones too!
I noticed a lot of people saying how it was a real coming out of the woodwork party for a lot of people. Seeing people we hadn’t seen in years was great!”
~ Katz Meow

“We had an absolute blast at NOIR and will most definitely be back. The dungeon space gave good views, both when on stage and off! I loved being that close to the action, but was aware to stay far enough out of arm’s reach when not on the stage. The music was fun, some old, some new, some disco and we were both totally pumped to be able to dance at a fetish event! The crowd was super friendly, sexy and diverse.”
~ PJ

NOIR was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I haven’t felt so welcome, or thought a night was so inclusive since The Bettie Page Social Club. And I do mean Bettie Page. Even Body Perve wasn’t this good. I hope you can maintain it.”
~ Boy boi

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