Unauthorized Photography is Strictly Prohibited!

As this event is of an adult nature, cameras and photography present privacy issues that are everybody’s concern.  As such, we must enforce rules on photography and photographic equipment.

Absolutely no cameras are permitted on the premises without explicit written permission of the management.

Cameras must be checked at coat check.

Cellular phones equipped with cameras are permitted, however using these devices to take unauthorized photographs is ABOSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.   Persons discovered using these devices to take unauthorized photographs will be  asked to immediately delete or destroy their pictures and will be required to leave the premesis. No exceptions!

Resident Photographer - Frankie Panky

An on site photographer will be provided for those wishing to have pictures taken of themselves and their amazing outfits.  The on site photographer will only work in the designated area close to the dungeon entrance.  Persons not wishing to have their likeness captured are requested to avoid this area.

Photographs taken by the professional photographer will be made available for download, or online at http://www/noirvancouver.com.  Images containing graphic content or that conflict with the stated privacy wishes of photo subjects will not be made availle to the public. Registration may be required to view some images.  Persons with privacy concerns may elect not to have their pictures made available online by informing the photographer at the time the picture is taken.

We respect the privacy of our attendees. If you are the subject of a photo that you would like removed, please email us with the gallery date and photo number that you would like removed.

Please also note, that use of photos outside of the gallery is not permitted without written consent of the persons depicted in the photos. It is unlawful to use a photo or likeness of a person for promotianal or commercial purpose without express written consent of the parties of both the subject and photographer. If you are interested in a particular photo, please contact the photographer for that gallery.

As some images may contain content inappropriate for children under the age of 14, parental discretion is advised when viewing the online gallery.

Thank you for your consideration of other people’s privacy.