NOIR-Knows-GearStrict Fetish Dress Code STRICTLY Enforced

This ain’t just some costume party.

Leather, Latex, Vinyl, PVC, Cabaret, Corsets, Full Uniform including School and Religious, Fantasy, Kilt, Cross-Dress, Drag, Gender Bending, Rubber, Bondage, Cyber, Lingerie, Body Paint, Kitten, Puppy or Pony wear. Kink inspired Film Noir outfit or any other risque wear your erotic and creative imagination comes up with!

Absolutely no street or casual wear!
Undress to impress! – Fetish Wear Required!

Goth and punk are both really, really sexy; but they’re not fetish! Alone they won’t get you through the door. Make it a little kinky.

No full frontal nudity, absolutely no jeans of any colour or design, cargo pants, fatigues, tighty-whiteys, boxers,  speedos,  t-shirts, suits or formal wear, unless part of an acceptable  ensemble outfit. If you’re not sure email in advance to ask.

Please note that persons in violation of the above dress code will be not be permitted entry.

The NO list

The following is not sufficient to get you in.

NO street or casualwear
NO boxers
NO cargo pants
NO fatigues
NO jeans
NO plain steampunk
NO speedos
NO suits or formal wear
NO tee shirts
NO tighty-whiteys

No effort equals no entry


Don’t know where to shop? Check out Erotic Vancouver’s list of where to find fetish wear.


Fetish on a Budget

We know that not everyone can afford a full leather body suit, but being on a budget is no excuse to not make dress code.

If you’re on a tight budget and you’re a little crafty or creative you can come up with something awesome, such as:

An outfit made from cling wrap and duct tape – you can pick up duct tape in various colours at Home Depot.

Fun fur – hit a fabric store. Here in Vancouver Dressew is particularly inexpensive.

Fishnet stockings – cut off they can be arm sleeves (with a bit of elastic or ribbon to hold them up) or get an extra large size, cut out the feet and crotch and you can pull them over your head to make a mesh shirt.

Cross Dress (for men)– be aware that this means a certain type of boy and girl are going to hit on you, but visit a thrift store and it can be cheap. Keep in mind that you aren’t doing “drag-light” as so many guys do at Halloween; folks at a fetish night respect cross dressers so you want to approach the outfit from a respectful place.
Ask a female friend to help accessorize for a fetish night.
Oh, and accept that you won’t be the best dressed cross dresser there. You simply won’t.

Cross Dress (for women) – Ladies, you have it easier getting into a fetish night in almost every other way, so when it comes to cross dress you have to go the extra mile! Putting on jeans and a white T-shirt and saying you’re a 50’s greaser isn’t going to cut it here. Make the full effort, get the right shoes, grease your hair back, draw on a moustache – now we’re getting into the area where we’ll talk about letting you in.
(It doesn’t have to be 50’s greaser, though, it’s just an example of the many possibilities for total drag.)