Because S&M doesn’t just mean Stand and Model, Noir features a front and centre dungeon space where the truly adventurous can play.

Noir’s own Dungeon Staff are on hand to answer your questions and to ensure the safety of all patrons.

Because Noir takes place in a liquor licensed venue, rules are somewhat stricter than at non-licensed public play parties.

Noir Dungeon Rules

  • No means No! Play only involves consensual acts.
  • The House Safeword (used to halt play when necessary) is “SAFEWORD.”
  • No Edge Play of any sort is permitted. This includes fire play, take down scenes, and play piercing. (If you believe your scene even might be edge play please check with Dungeon Staff.)
  • No single tail scenes are permitted.
  • No electrical play, other than violet wands, is permitted.
  • Violet wand play is permitted only below the neck.
  • No full frontal nudity is permitted OUTSIDE of the dungeon.
  • Absolutely no sexual acts or any type of penetrative play are permitted.
  • If you’ll be using a gag in a scene a visual safeword MUST be established first with Dungeon Staff.
  • All SM play must take place in the designated play area.
  • If you see a mess or spill, alert a Dungeon Staff for clean up.
  • Anyone requiring first aid should immediately see Dungeon Staff.
  • If you’re unsure how to use a piece of equipment, ask for assistance from Dungeon Staff.
  • Please advise Dungeon Staff when you are done with equipment so they can clean it.
  • Do Not Move any piece of equipment without first asking Dungeon Staff.
  • The House is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • All individuals playing in the dungeon must first sign a waiver.


Thank you for respecting the venue and your fellow players

There will be a 3 minute wait after the Dungeon Staff have cleaned a piece of equipment in the dungeon before it can be used again. That’s because NOIR puts a priority on health and safety and have switched to a new cleaner, CaviCide, with 3 minute bactericidal and fungidal kill time. Until now we’ve been using bleach (which has a 5 minute kill time) rather than utilize Ultraquat, as most local dungeons do, because the manufacturer changed it’s formulation and Ultraquat now has a 10 minute rather than a 5 minute kill time. NOIR believes that extra three minute wait is worth ensuring our patrons safety. Thanks go out to  Elwood for the recommendation.


NOIR is proud to call Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment our premium supplier of furniture