FALLOUT NEWS PAGEBy popular demand, Noir is proud to present it’s first Sci Fi themed event!

So many of our kinky community have a fetish for the fantastic, futuristic, or apocalyptic and many cross over into cosplay and incredible fan art. So break out the gas masks, your Mad Max Leathers, your Valt 101 Jumpsuit and Pip Boy, or your sexy atom punk, rocket punk fetish, or hottest steampunk corestry as we salute these worlds of imagination that inspire so many of our hottest desires.

As always, regular strict dress code rules apply, but we are extending allowable dress to include fantasy, cosplay and sci fi, particularily if it has a post apocalptic edge.

And before anyone asks, we aren’t just doing this to satisfy Reive’s gas mask fetish. Though I will say his eyes lit up when we talked about this.

Saturday, November 21st
Club 8×6 1775 Haro Street, Vancouver
Cost: $20 or $16 before 10pm
$4 off admission with taxi receipt because it is the holiday season and we want everyone to be safe and plan ahead. Be safe because we love you!
We will also be accepting donations for Kink Cares in the form of non perishable food items or natural fibre blankes for those in need this Xmas season. More details on that to follow.

Strict Fetish Dress Code in Effect!
See http://www.noirvancouver.com/noir-dress-code/ for details.

Please note, that for this event only we are extending dress code to include science fiction and cosplay outfits as they are a legitimate kink for some folk, but are not normally permitted.

✪ Featuring music from DJs
Logik (NOIR resident)
uɴɪᴄ⊙ᴅΞ (formerly dj://spaz)

✪ Front & Centre Dungeon Space

✪ Suspension Station manned by Rascal Kelso

✪ Vancouver Positive Body Image Photography

✪ A regular event pick by Love events & Erotic Vancouver

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