March 28th Photos

Posted by logik on Tuesday Apr 14, 2015 Under Photos

Photography courtesy of Ira Rotenberg . of Vancouver Positive Body Image Photography
For high rez copies, please email For prints, or private photography services, please contact Vancouver Positive Body Image Photography

4 Responses to “March 28th Photos”

  1. Bunny9 Says:

    Where are the March 28th photos? These look like a repost of Feb. 20th.

  2. logik Says:

    The March 28th photos are available on the gallery page, along with photos from previous events. I have verified that they are indeed the March 28th photos and they are not the same photos as are in the Feb 20th collection.

    Please ensure that you’re looking at the right collection.




  3. Michael Rogers Says:

    looking through these photos I am certain that they are primarily from feb. I was at both with my partner and some friends for birthdays at both events.

  4. logik Says:

    I’ve double checked with the photographer, and checked the file dates. Is there a specific photo that you are looking for?

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