Sex Talk in the City Fetish Outing!

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Image Courtesy of Erotic Vancouver TV

Image Courtesy of Erotic Vancouver TV

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) is currently home to the exciting exhibition “Sex Talk in the City.” It’s a sex positive and fascinating look at sex and sexuality, and particularly at how it has been portrayed, attacked, and accepted over the decades in Vancouver.

Sin City and NOIR Fetish Ball are excited to announce a group outing this Saturday, March 9th to see the exhibition, and we invite all you kinksters to put on your fetish finery to attend! Please, of course, be aware that the MOV is a public space, and so any fetish outfit you choose to wear should be public friendly! If you wouldn’t want your parents or somebody else’s children to see you in it you might want to wear something else this Saturday!

You’ll find all the details on the afternoon, which goes from 3-5pm, here on Facebook.

Because we recognize that this is short notice, if there is enough interest we may plan another outing to the Museum in a few months time. You can learn more about the exhibition, which runs until September 2nd, here on the MOV website.

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