Wasn’t that a party?!

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Thank you Noir-ites!

We’d like to thank you for coming out on Saturday night. Coming out in great numbers, coming out and braving the cold, coming out and bringing such enthusiasm and energy to our Chapelarts Opening Night – and all of that despite the fact that many of you waited 45 minutes, an hour and sometimes a little more in order to get in!

As we made the decision to move on from our former venue of Open Studios we realized that moving there had been a setback. The venue had some great features—the sound system and visuals were AMAZING—but they certainly didn’t offset the drawbacks. Please, we need never talk of the bathrooms there again.

Still, making the jump to Chapelarts was a somewhat daunting one. We knew that doing a party there right was going to require a second room of DJs, getting a big crowd through the door, and a sense of adventure on the part of our attendees. Well you brought it, and you brought it in spades! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our opening night wasn’t without it’s stumbles, the biggest being the front door and coat check bottleneck. We’ll be working on that, and we’re confident that we won’t keep you out in the cold so long next time.

We’d be remiss here if we didn’t thank a few people by name.

First and foremost we’d like to thank all of our NOIR staff for our opening night: Yvonne, Maggie Pie, Bobbie, Tristan, Ryan, and our latest team member, Brian. You all worked your asses off, and it’s much appreciated. (Thank you also to those staff who’ve worked for us, sometimes regularly, but who weren’t available or weren’t called on this evening. Trust us, we’ll need you again!)

Our great DJs, regular resident dj://spaz, the returning Tango, and NOIR virgin DJ Applecat, you all rocked the place in spectacular fashion!

UPDATE: Thanks to Frankie Panky who was once again there to capture you all in wonderful style! We’re so glad we were able to get Frankie located down right next to the dance floor and in on all the action once again! It was something we weren’t able to do at the last venue, and Frankie said the pictures suffered for it – both in terms of how many got taken, and more importantly in terms of the energy that got brought to them. No longer! (Huge apologies for missing you when we first wrote this Frankie!)

Our volunteers: we won’t attempt to name you all because we’d be sure to miss some of you given how many of you chipped in, both at the venue and at the Taboo show this weekend. But thank you all.

Karen and Darren: you’ve been there for us regularly throughout NOIR’s run, and on this evening Karen you not only ran the 50/50 draw, you touched our hearts by surprising us and making DJ Logik, who so recently had a brush with mortality, the recipient of the draws proceeds. Thank you also to everyone who bought a ticket to support Kim and show him how much everyone appreciates him.

Finally, a big thank you to the whole gang at Chapelarts. You welcomed us into your space, you delivered first class service all night, and you made all us fetishists, kinksters and perverts feel at home. And then at the end of it all you told us we’d be welcome back again.

We’re happy to announce that we intend to take Chapelarts up on that offer regularly, beginning with our next NOIR Fetish Ball on Saturday, February 16th. You can expect more details on that here soon.

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  1. Dave Toxik Says:

    You should all be proud of what you put together for this event. As I mentioned elsewhere, Open Studios had me questioning my loyalty to Noir. Saturday night at Chapel Arts reclaimed me. Love to all you folks!

  2. Big Noir Fan Says:

    Let me start off by saying this venue is amazing and it was a great night had by all.

    Now I know you mentioned the issues with the lineups, but I was waiting over 1hr 20 mins to get in and it was not because it was busy it was because there was zero organization and I very much doubt it will be sorted out. The doorman was relaxing smoking cigarettes instead of checking id many times. Their was a girl at the door looking for peoples names with pen and paper on a list that took ages! Really? with all the tech we have available to us these day? Sometimes the doorman was inside and there was nobody going in.

    With 100 people in a line letting 4 people in at a time that process needs to be done 25 times. It took almost a minute per person. Unless you make a huge change this is not going to change and people will wait for 1hr 30m every week.

    This is what needs to be done. You need 2 stamps. One for ID check + RSVP the other for payment.
    You have 1 doorman and 2 other people outside one that checks ID the other if you are on the RSVP, they go down the line as far as possible (not wait until they get to the door), once this is checked you get stamp 1. Now all the people in line simply need to pay and get a stamp 2 to show that they paid.

    Also there where a lot of people pushing in as there always is when waits are this long, by not having stamp 1 it would be pretty clear that you pushed in 🙂 you could even get some of those paper wrist straps they have in vip areas instead of stamps.

    You are already moving the coat room and there really was no need for the pool table room upstairs so that could also be a good place for it.

    if you make those very simple changes you will not only make people very happy but you will increase drink sales by a huge margin instead of leaving all the money waiting inline.

    You can also remind people how much it is to get in and to have that money ready.

    With regards to the RSVP why not get a cheap tablet with excel on it and have all the names on there? A quick search will find their name much quicker and save the environment at the same time 🙂 this data can also help you keep track of attendance and regular customers in a digital form.

    Also one last thought, if you are moving the coat room you could put a drinks bin there for people that have just arrived 🙂

    I hope this helps, I love Noir it is the best event in town and Chapel Arts is better than the old Cobalt location as well.

    Great job on everything other than the door 🙂

  3. reive Says:

    Big Noir Fan,

    I’ve dropped you a line to address a bunch of the issues you’ve raised.

    In short, for everyone else reading this, we know where we and the venue fell short our opening night, and we’re working with them to fix the problems. We’re pretty confident we can!

    We do, tentatively, have a new room to do coat check in, freeing up the front area to just get people into the venue as quickly as possible; and for those of you who told me you LOVED the pool room don’t worry, that won’t be our new coat check area!

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