NOIR Fetish Ball – Saturday September 17th

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If you want to go out and feel sexy, if you want to go out and dress sexy, if you want to go out and be sexy, then this is the night for you!

If you’ve ever stood outside the norm, wanted to stand outside the norm, or wanted to stand for a new norm, we’ve got a night for you.

If you think exotic thoughts, dream exotic dreams, and want to be an exotic you, this is the night for you!

We’re NOIR Fetish BallThe night that’s all about you.


NOIR Fetish Ball
Saturday September 17th
The Cobalt
917 Main Street
9pm – 2am$12 at the door / $9 before 10pm
Strict Fetish Dress Code in effect
Please read our dress code page


You’ve been hearing about us, it’s rave reviews from your friends, or those quiet titters and whispers you barely overhear. If you haven’t made it out to a NOIR Fetish Ball yet, now is the time to start. NOIR marks the start of fall and the return to darker nights this month while gearing up for our first anniversary in October.
Featuring a front and centre dungeon space located right next to the dance floor, which means the energy of each feeds the other. Plus there’s a performance platform which is great for doing suspension scenes and the like, and doubles as an impromptu dance platform when not in use, there’s nowhere better to get your exhibitionist or voyeuristic tendencies on.

Logik and dj://spaz will once again be laying down some fabulous tracks, and they’re as much a reason people are raving about the night as the dungeon space coordinated by Reive, and run by NOIR’sown Dungeon Staff.

The Cobalt is located two blocks from the Main Street Skytrain station, and features a parking lot behind the venue. Check our parking and transit page for more info.

For those of you who haven’t been to a NOIR before, you should know that The Cobalt has undergone a major face-lift inside and we’re proud to continue hosting this uniquely sexy fetish event there.

Please be sure to visit our dress code page if you are unfamiliar with a STRICT fetish dress code. It hurts our door mistresses when they have to turn people away because they’re not dressed appropriately, or more to the point, not dressed inappropriately enough!

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