NOIR presents Fetish Bowling Friday August 26th

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Fetish Bowling
Friday August 26th
Grandview Lanes
2195 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Meet: 8:30pm
Bowling: 9pm – 11pm
Cost: $12 for bowling / $3 shoe rental
Licensed venue. 

We’re going bowling!

While we love throwing NOIR Fetish Ball every month, the one problem that Logik and Reive have found is that we don’t get as much opportunity to connect one on one with all of the fabulous kinksters that come out. So we thought we’d fix that by doing something that wouldn’t require us to do all that much work. Logik suggested something sporting, to which Reive replied, “You mean like exercise? The sort of exercise I can’t expect to get in the bedroom?”

Well, obviously that was a no-go, and so Fetish Bowling is born. (Actually, reborn – it was done years ago by Vancouver Dungeon, but Reive had a hand in that, so it’s not so much stealing as re-appropriating.)

So Friday, August 26th we invite you all to come out Fetish Bowling with us at Grandview Lanes, located on the corner of Commercial and 6th.

We’ve booked lanes from 9pm until 11pm. The Facebook listing has the start time as 8:30pm because we all know how you like to be fashionably late!

Cost is $12 per person, plus a $3 shoe rental. NOIR is subsidizing the cost to the tune of a few bucks per person to keep the numbers nice and round for you! You’ll pay your $3 to the desk to rent shoes, and the $12 to someone from NOIR who will be collecting upstairs.

Grandview Lanes is a licensed venue because we know that some people who will strip down to their lingerie in public still aren’t willing to bowl without a little liquor in them!

There IS NOT a strict fetish dress code for this event, but we WOULD ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO DRESS IN A FETISH OUTFIT. That said, please keep those outfits PG-13. We won’t be the only people present at the lanes, and we don’t want to scare the villagers.

We’ve got enough lanes booked for 24 people, with the option to reserve more if there is enough interest.

You can RSVP on our Facebook event listing. Please only click attending if you KNOW you are going to make it, otherwise go with maybe.

Afterwards we’ll hit a nearby bar or restaurant for drinks and more conversation. You can decide where the night leads from there….

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