An amazing night, thank you to everyone!

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Wow. I think I can speak for both Reive and I in saying that the January 15th edition of Noir was the most fun I’ve ever had hosting an event. It was amazing! There were mermaids, bubbles, people on fire, people literally swinging from the rafters (suspensions), and the most over the top and unbelievable outfits I have ever seen at these events. Oh, and you, our supporters… You guys completely blow my mind. I’ve never felt as privileged to DJ for a crowd. You just blow my mind with your amazing, friendly, high energy and positive vibe, and you all just ooze sexy. I simply can’t wait for the pictures for this Noir to be available. I’m so excited!

It was an incredible turn out last night.  It’s really great to see, and it means that we’re must be doing something right!  Please keep those suggestions and requests coming. Any suggestion of how we can make the night more enjoyable for everyone is always appreciated. You, our patrons, are the driving force behind shaping Noir into what has become the hottest new club event in the lower mainland.  Please let us know what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and what you’d like to see.  We’ll make it happen!

This time we unexpectedly had quite the long line up, and its going to grow as word spreads about how amazing a crowd of people you all are. We really want everyone to get a chance to come in and play, but sadly there really is only so much space in the club. Avoid the line! Please plan to arrive earlier next time, and make sure you are appropriately attired. It breaks my heart to see folk turned away, or having to wait outside in the rain. So come early, and come prepared! If you have any questions on dress code, check the dress code section of this website or email with any questions.

Please note that the VIP list is subject to club capacity.  If you are on the VIP list, it does not guarantee entry if the club is full.  If you’re on the VIP list, please ensure that you arrive early enough to get in.  Once the club is full, there may be a significant wait to get in.

I want to give a special shout out to our volunteers, you guys are amazing. Without your hard work and dedication, so much of what we do couldn’t be done. Our Dungeon Team are awesome too. Every night they rise to the challenge of keeping things safe and fun, which can be quite a challenge in such a dynamic environment. I can’t tell you how much we value them. You’re amazing! Oh, and our fabulous door vixens make my heart go pitter-patter. Their hard work in making everyone feel comfortable and welcome just melts my heart. Spaz, having you on the DJ team with me is fantastic. You rock the house man. A special thanks this time to our beautiful Mermaid! You were amazing!

To all of you on the Noir team, I just have to say thank you so much. Your contributions to the event make it what it is. I love you all and am so proud to work beside such amazing people.

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